Friday, May 8, 2009

Who needs a coupon for Jet Dry?

Who am I? A more loaded question couldn't possibly exist! I'm a woman (hear me roar!)... wife... mother... daughter... sister... and friend but I'm also just your average 28 year old, newly married, newly mothered, partially college-educated, hyper-focused, bi-polar, stuck-in-a-rut grown-up who has a problem reconciling her apparent "adult" status with the really tall, responsible, tax-paying teenager she feels like. I used to be fun, I swear!!!! I used to be fearless!! I used to drink margaritas and dance all night! I used to get my nails done. I used to tan. I use to leave town at a moments notice to spend the weekend in TN or at the beach! I used to go for the bad boys.... I used to spend money on really cute, expensive, matching bras and panties. I used to fit into cute clothes in NORMAL sizes....

Now, I budget! I created a MONSTER spreadsheet with bills and due dates and remaining balances! Now I put money in savings! I check my accounts daily... even if I haven't made a deposit or withdrawal just because it is comforting to see a balance higher than $200.00 (which at one time would have seemed to me like a fortune!) Now, I pay bills....I even pay them on time! Now, I schedule in advance well baby check-ups and save my vacation time for sick-baby visits. I go to the doctor when I'm feeling under the weather AND (gasp!) I actually finish the antibiotics.... even if I started feeling better days ago! Now, I know when the cars need inspections and oil changes and when the taxes are due! Now, I clip coupons and not only do I clip coupons but I force them on others around me ("What kind of diapers do you use? Pampers? Oh, I use Huggies but I have like.... a zillion Pampers coupons. Here take them. No really, take them. Really! Really! Take them. Take them. TAKE THEM.). I actually look in the carts of other Wal-Mart shoppers to see if they are purchasing something for which I might have a coupon (because saving money takes a village)! What the hell happened to the OLD Sarah? The old Sarah used to have Mardi Gras beads dangling from her rearview mirror and a hot "clubbing" outfit in her backseat *just in case!* What of the new Sarah? The "now" Sarah? She has a car seat in the back and a Yankee Candle "Cotton" scented air freshener hanging from her rearview mirror and anti-bacterial soap in her pocket book! She has been domesticated!


  1. I love the new Sarah, not that I didn't love the old one as well. The thing is now you and I are on the same wave length. You have to remember to keep some of the old Sarah, just need to work in some of the old parts in to today. It is hard and I struggle with it. You are AMAZING!!!

  2. Okay so where is the coupon for jet dry? I only read this because I thought there'd be a coupon. =)

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  4. Hi Sarah -- stopping by and following from the MBC under 100 group. Where did you go?

    Keep blogging -- you have a great writing style! What you wrote about in your last post (hello adulthood)is definitely experienced by many of us at your stage of life! I think you'll find a lot of like-minded moms out there!


  5. I know exactly how you feel. How does this happen that we're one day so grown up?

    p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

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